Benefits Of Yoga On Your Period


It’s debatable whether women should do yoga during their periods. Some claim that a woman shouldn’t do yoga while she is menstruating, while others advise doing everything. Practice inversions, while some advice against it.

Regarding menstruation, each woman experiences it differently. Others experience such severe pain, mood changes, exhaustion, bloating, irritability, and other symptoms that they must stay in bed for the first few days. Some people may not experience any discomfort or lack of energy.

Menstruation is extremely fragile; it will alter if we experience stress, travel, or make dietary changes, among other things. Every woman should be conscious of her menstrual cycle and pay attention to her body. Our emotional and physical health is reflected in our menstrual cycle. As a result, not just yoga but also the mind can have an effect, So, making meditation and introspection should be combined with just Yoga Asanas.

Preetika Bhatnagar, Co-founder of Bodsphere, says, “The primary reason we might decide against practising could be because of the menstrual symptoms that go along with it. Even the idea of practising will make a woman feel bad if she is experiencing really severe menstruation.”

Yoga Nidra, Chantings and some gentle pranayama techniques like humming bee breath, alternate nostril breathing, victorious breath, and deep breathing are the ideal practises at this time. “You can take it slow during the physical part of Yoga as it will be a great way to so the painful cramps. Yoga practise can be helpful to balance emotions such as mood swings, anxiety, anger, despair, and irritability, and gently open the pelvic area to relieve any tension if we are not feeling too uncomfortable,” adds Bhatnagar.

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Stretching your entire body, including your arms, legs, and other body parts, relieves pressure on your spine and alleviates lower back pain. However, menstrual women should avoid yoga postures that exert stress on their stomachs since they might worsen lower abdominal pain and bleeding.

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