Beautyblender Is Launching a Plant-Based Version of Its Iconic Pink Sponge


I remember the first time I tried a beautyblender and thought, how have I never tried this before? I wasn’t an early adopter because I didn’t think I needed it all those years ago, but once I experienced the seamless, airbrushed finish I could get with the bounce application technique introduced by brand founder and makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, I was hooked. Since the tiny pink sponge launched in 2003, there have countless copycats, but many beauty professionals and novices alike still rank it best in its category. And now, for the first time ever, the brand is launching a new eco-friendly version of its cult-classic called Bio Pure.

Aside from its bright green color, the key difference between the OG and the new sponge is that Bio Pure is made with 60-percent plant-based, renewable sugarcane. “I worked really hard to make sure it is the exact same texture, payoff and density,” says Silva. “Although we have changed some of the materials, it has not changed the quality. We’re not sacrificing anything to be able to be kinder to the environment.”

The cannister is also made of post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic—a more environmentally conscious option—and Silva plans to transition the packaging for the pink beautyblender to PCR as well. “It was part of my original plan to begin with, to become more earth-friendly.” And, if Bio Pure is well-received by beautyblender fans—I’ve tried it and compared the two and I couldn’t tell a difference—Silva says she will consider making this new plant-based formula the initiative for all beautyblenders.

Bio Pure will be available February 1 at at Sephora, and, and though the cost of goods is higher for Silva to create the new sponge, the price will remain the same at $20.

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