Anxiety symptoms: An at-home device shown to reduce symptoms by 60 percent


Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders globally and are typically treated with either psychotherapy or medication. An at-home device, fully endorsed by NICE, produces electrical brain stimulation and could be a new era for treating mental health and sleep disorders.

In a BBC documentary The Truth About Your Mental Health, Lesley Parkinson, Harley Street clinical psychologist who treats a range of mental health issues including insomnia discussed how the device is beneficial for a range of disorders.

“The brain naturally produces electrical activity, and this device supports that process and helps people get more balance,” she began.

“Both alpha and high beta waves in the brain move at very different speeds and also have very different effects on one’s mood.”

Alpha waves are slow and related to feelings of relaxation and these are generated before sleep.

High beta waves on the other hand are fast and are related to being alert and awake.

“Those who suffer with insomnia don’t have sufficient alpha and this needs to be boosted,” said Lesley.

“Beta is related to stress and if they are too fast this will prevent you from sleeping too.

“Beta waves are increased via caffeinated drinks, anxiety and racing thoughts.

“So, we need to increase the alpha wave activity.”


Psychologist Jo Hemmings also recommends the new technology for her anxiety patients.

Jo said: “I see many clients who are suffering from anxiety and/or insomnia as a result.

“While talking therapies are really helpful for many, there is a real need for something additional – especially in between sessions – to alleviate anxiety symptoms and promote relaxation and good sleep quality, in a natural way, working with our alpha brain waves, rather than recommending anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications as the next step.

“All my clients who have used the Alpha-Stim have reported highly positive results, within a matter of a few weeks, alleviating anxiety, stress and insomnia while also boosting their mood and adding a significant improvement to their quality of life. It is a unique product with extraordinary results.”

Doctor James Kustow consultant psychiatrist and medical director of the grove practice highly recommends Alpha-Stim for his patients suffering with anxiety.

He said: “I was first introduced to the product by a US team who specialises in trauma.

“The device stimulates the vagus nerve with a number of promising studies showing positive results for its effect on anxiety.

“After only two sessions there is an anti-anxiety effect with patients expressing how clean and safe it was compared to conventional anti-anxiety medications out there.”

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