A Plastic Surgeon’s Guide to the Modern Mommy Makeover


We all know the Mommy Makeover for its ability to transform and undo a myriad of post-pregnancy changes, but did you know that a rising trend is to tailor the procedure for your specific needs? Southfield, MI plastic surgeon Mariam Awada, MD at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery says the first step is choosing the right surgeon who knows the best way to get you to your goal. “It’s not about having your breasts and stomach done. That cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work for everyone. It’s about mutual trust and goal setting,” Dr. Awada says. She attributes her success to patient rapport, individualized treatment plans and years of experience.

Embracing Advanced Breast Enhancement

Dr. Awada specializes in breast augmentations and minimal-incision lifts. Emphasizing patient education, she has authored the informative book, “Dr. Beauty’s Best Breast Augmentation.”

To help patients envision their preferred size, she uses pre-operative sizers. For safe breast augmentation with a natural feel, she opts for cohesive silicone “gummy” filled breast implants.

“Many women experiencing significant skin excess and elasticity loss post-childbirth typically opt for a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation,” she explains. “I customize each patient’s treatment plan with a focus on achieving a limited-incision breast lift. Using advanced materials and technology is important for ensuring longevity and maintaining both breast shape and upper fullness. The emphasis is on safer cohesive breast implants and innovative breast support technology,” she shares.

As Dr. Awada says, her techniques support superior healing. “I implement innovative techniques to create an internal bra for structure using absorbable materials such as Galaflex. The internal bra technique has revolutionized and enhanced long-term outcomes.” She also incorporates modern fat harvest and infusion technique to ensure long-lasting fat transfers, offering patients a natural alternative for a volume boost without the use of implants.

“Amongst all of these choices, most of my patients tend to opt for augmentation with silicone implants, often complemented by procedures to correct nipple placement and refine the overall breast contour,” she adds.

Creating an Ideal Shape

The Modern Mommy Makeover is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a transformative journey of self-reinvention. Dr. Awada’s approach embodies this philosophy, blending medical expertise with empathetic patient engagement to sculpt not only bodies but also renewed self-images.

To achieve a beautiful result, Dr. Awada focuses on creating a harmonious hourglass figure through a meticulous process. “This transformation includes comprehensive abdominal muscle repair and reshaping, removal of excess skin and fat, enhancing the beauty of the belly button and sculpting the hips and buttocks,” says Dr. Awada. “Recognizing the unique characteristics of various post-pregnancy physiques, diverse surgical strategies and cutting-edge technologies are used.”

To sculpt and refine to create gorgeous curves, Dr. Awada performs targeted fat reduction with Micro-Aire assisted liposuction. This approach minimizes tissue damage, reduces bruising and pain and expedites recovery, she tells us. “Mothers with upper abdominal fat and excessive lower abdominal skin benefit from strategic liposuction coupled with minor skin excision and a mons pubic lift. This procedure ensures a swift recovery, especially when muscular repair is unnecessary,” she adds. “We also address significant muscle laxity with excess skin below the navel with a limited-incision, mini-abdominoplasty which includes muscle tightening and minor skin removal, preserving the original belly button without external scarring.”

“Lastly, extensive muscular stretching and generalized skin excess call for a comprehensive abdominoplasty. This intricate procedure encompasses muscle repair, skin excision, belly button creation and a mons pubis lift. Liposuction enhances the silhouette, sculpting a defined hourglass figure,” she adds.

Preparing for a Smooth Recovery

Preparation is key to a successful, speedy recovery says the surgeon. “Patients are educated and provided thorough detailed instructions, medications and essential supplies.” Before surgery, she promotes a healthy lifestyle and adhering to nutritional guidelines, hydration and protein-rich diets. “Constipation, a common post-surgery issue, can be managed with stool softeners initiated preoperatively. Ceasing smoking and achieving a healthy weight are also vital for optimal tissue healing,” she explains. “I really stress the importance of mental preparedness to my patients. Understanding and accepting the risks and commitment to postoperative follow-ups are also essential for the journey.”

Dr. Awada and her team offer personalized journeys to confidence through a blend of top-notch treatment options and heartfelt care and communication. “Each patient’s comfort and satisfaction are at the core of our tailored plans, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every interaction,” she notes. “Our unique approach marries artistry with science and human empathy with technology.” Serving her community with transformative cosmetic procedures, Dr. Awada has helped reshape the lives of her patients with a balance of care and unparalleled expertise.



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