5 Fresh Off The Runway Ocean Inspired Hairstyles for a Creative Summer SUMMERLook


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Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 10:02 IST

Make your hair the perfect canvas for hairstyles inspired by the ocean and its creatures

Hairstyles play an integral role on the runway and the experts at Lakme Salon creatively blended fashion designer Vaishali S’ designs with sustainably curated hair looks. Here’s the top 5 looks that made heads turn on the runway this season at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI

No bad hair days at fashion weeks! The Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI saw an array of creative, innovative and avant-garde hairstyles turn showstoppers on the runway this season.

Out of the many hair looks spotted on the runway, the Lakme Salon X Vaishali S was definitely a hair-raising soiree. Inspired by sustainable designer Vaishali S’ collection Beneath, which celebrated the ocean and the underwater creatures, the hairstyles blended beautifully with the creative silhouettes.

For the show, the experts at Lakmé salon designed and sustainably curated hair looks that not only complemented but were also an extension of every outfit designed by Vaishali. Every model’s hair played the perfect canvas to bring to life the elements found underwater. With an effort to recreate varied textures, colour and shapes of the marvellous creatures that reside in the oceans, every hairstyle featured varied colour techniques and creative styling.

Commenting on the varied hair looks experimented with for the show, Pooja Singh, National Creative Director, Hair, Lakmé Salon, said, “Lakmé Salon created five looks, as a tribute to the underwater elements like the Wave, Octopus, Conch, Coral and Kelp. The hair was designed to be an extension of Vaishali’s designs. Staying true to our brand’s goal of Beautifying the Future, we have mindfully steered away from plastic accessories and used natural hair to recreate the various elements from nature.”

Describing the style further, she adds, “The team of Lakmé Salon backstage experts have integrated minute details like picking the exact colours of the elements, playing with textures and even using gravity defying techniques to enhance the beauty of the final look. These hairstyles can easily be replicated in our salons by our experts for our customers.”

Here’s a look at the iconic hair looks you can definitely sport at the next Ocean themed party, you get invited to:

Let’s Make Some Waves

Beat the Monday blues with some ocean waves hair look this summer season.

Who doesn’t love the ocean, right? Keeping up with the theme of the show, the waves of the ocean were recreated using different hues of blue and were styled using gravity defying technique. The model also sports a blue braid that gives an illusion of a colourful hair band.


The octopus hairstyle would work as the perfect fascinator to sport this season.

To resemble the movement of the Octopus, the hair, coloured in shades of burgundy, was shaped in the form of tentacles. Extensions made from real hair were added to support the look. Each tentacles were enhanced with beads to add texture to the whole look.

Conch Me In

An avant-garde style to choose, you can always tone it down to match your summer look this season.

For the hair style inspired by the Conch, real blonde hair was used to recreate a larger-than-life replica of the element. The shell, a favourite collectible found on beaches, makes for a fun hairstyle if you plan to throw an ocean inspired fun party for your favourite girls. Get quirky, get beachy this summer season.

Can’t Kelp it!

Inspired by the algae, Kelp, the hairstyle will make a dramatic statement at the next party.

Kelp are large brown algae seaweeds and bringing this fascinating organism to life was the quirky hairstyle that made heads turn. The hair was transformed into Kelp by shaping it and using copper coloured hair pieces.

Keeping it Coral

Gift yourself a crown and be the queen of the party in this coral reef inspired hair look.

Crowning glory indeed! To make hair look like the Coral reef, a headgear was created using real hair and enhanced with shades of red and black.

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