3 Quick Lunch Recipes You Can Try For A Busy Day At Work


It’s important to have a healthy lunch to remain energiged while you break your head at work.

While we believe it might take a long time to cook the food, the majority of us frequently forget to pack lunch before we leave for work. Even on a hectic workday, you can make any of these simple and healthy foods for lunch

It’s important to have a healthy lunch to remain energiged while you break your head at work. Lack of adequate nutrition and staying hungry will inevitably impact your productivity and make you feel sick and fatigued all day long. Additionally, if you skip meals under work pressure, you may feel stressed. So, it is important that you eat well while you are working so hard. The first resort is to eat at the office canteen or buy a small meal from nearby shops. Instead, why not carry a lunchbox?

Most of us often miss carrying lunch while leaving for the office as we feel it may take a lot of time to prepare the food. It may sound time-consuming, but carrying your own lunch is the right thing to remain healthy.

Here are a few quick and healthy recipes you can prepare for lunch even on a busy working day:

Roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad

This simple salad recipe is loaded with goodness. Mix roasted sweet potatoes with quinoa. Add some boiled broccoli and chickpeas along with spinach, red cabbage, and avocado. Mix it with tahini sauce and lemon juice. This is loaded with protein, carbs, fibre, and healthy fats and will keep you full for a long day at work. Boiling vegetables take very little time and you can keep sweet roasted potatoes ready in advance. The quinoa can be prepared earlier and stored for up to 3–4 days. In the morning, just mix everything together.

Chickpea and Paneer salad

Take a bowl of boiled chickpeas with tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and some paneer cubes. Mix it with spices like jeera powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and some other flavouring of your choice. Add olive oil, lemon juice and toss everything together. This is a delicious protein-rich dish which can be easily combined with bread for a quick lunch.

Tomato Sevai (Vermicelli)

If you are not fond of salad, this is the quick and easy vermicelli recipe you can try for lunch. All you need is Sevai, ripe tomatoes, onions, green chillies, ginger, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and turmeric powder. You can add lemon juice to enhance the flavour. You can also add vegetables like capsicum, carrots and beans along with cashew nuts to make the dish nutritious. This is very easy to cook and carry in your lunch box. At mealtime, all you need to do is reheat it once and enjoy it.

Try out these easy recipes and aim to stay fit and keep your mind calm while at work. You might also want to go for a short walk and exercise after a long and exhausting day. Make sure you don’t skip meals and are not too lazy to cook for yourself.

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