15 Best Palm Vibrators of 2024 for All-Over Pleasure


You’ve probably heard of wand vibrators and G-spot vibrators, but fewer people are familiar with palm vibrators. As their names suggest, these compact vibrators are meant to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and are usually flexible, soft, and rounded at the edges. This type of vibrator can be more ergonomic for people who may find it challenging to grip the base of a toy like a dildo or a wand.

They’re also incredibly versatile. While many vibrators and sex toys are designed for use on just one part of the body, palm vibrators can be used basically anywhere. You can use a palm vibrator to stimulate the clitoris or vulva, wrap it around the shaft of a penis, hold it against the nipples, cup the testicles with it, or do pretty much anything else that comes to mind. As long as the vibrator stays on the outside of your body (not inside the vagina or anus), you’re golden.

Our Top Picks

Palm vibrators are also ideal for first-time sex toy buyers. Many of them offer different types of stimulation from different parts of the toy. For instance, some of them have a tapered or ridged end that provides targeted stimulation to the clit or other body parts, while the rest of the toy provides a more rumbly, diffused sensation that may feel pleasurable on the vulva. Since these vibrators can be used in so many ways, beginners have the chance to experiment with different sensations and speeds all over the body. 

Finding out what types of sensations you enjoy is not only fun, it can help you get more out of partnered sex since you can tell a partner how you like to be touched. Speaking of which, plenty of these toys are ideal for using during partnered sex, since they generally have a slim, flexible design that makes them easy to maneuver between bodies while you’re getting down.

Read on to see our picks for the best palm vibrators to shop now from retailers like LELO, Dame, Lovehoney, and more.

Best Palm Vibrator Overall: Dame Pom

Why it’s worth it: The Dame Pom is a flexible, beginner-friendly vibrator designed to sit snugly in your hand. Use the ridge for more pinpoint stimulation and the other end of the toy for more diffused, rumbly vibrations. You can use it on the clit, vulva, nipples, penis, or anywhere else that feels pleasurable. The slim profile of this toy makes it easy to slip it between two bodies during penetrative sex

Material: medical-grade silicone | Modes: 5 intensity levels and 5 patterns | Waterproof: yes | Battery: 1-hour runtime at highest settings | Lube compatibility: water-based lube

Best Hands-Free Palm Vibrator: We-Vibe Touch X

Why it’s worth it: The We-Vibe Touch X invites you to get creative. The curved design and soft tip make it easy to maneuver it into the right spot every time. It has eight vibration patterns, including “Cha-Cha” and “Tease,” and everything is controlled with a simple three-button interface. We-Vibe also markets this as a “lay-on” vibrator, meaning you can lay face-down, put it between yourself and the mattress or pillow, and grind against it for hands-free fun—either alone or with a partner.



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