Yes, Men Can Cry, Be Emotional and They Also Need Mental Support


Experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression is common among human beings. It has nothing to do specifically with a particular gender or age. Everyone is equally prone to mental health issues, be it men, women, adults or children. However, owing to generational teachings men shy away from sharing their emotions. Having said that, mental health, in the past few years, has caught worldwide attention and men have become more open to accepting it.

According to the Only Health report, during the Covid-19 pandemic, such mental health issues were observed among men as well as women. Many of them, who don’t know how to express or communicate their emotions or feelings, kept suffocating inside instead of sharing them with their close ones. The problem of men’s mental health has now become a global issue in which the myths and realities are being talked about.

Let’s get to know these things better:

Men never cry

From a very young age, boys are taught that “men don’t cry”. The truth is somewhat different. Crying works to reduce stress. But when a person does not cry and tries to control emotions, he keeps feeling the pressure from inside and remains restless. Meanwhile, it is important to share the feelings and seek professional help at the right time.

Men are not emotional

Like every human being, a man can also be emotional. And, it is not a sign of weakness. Psychologists and doctors have suggested that it is completely normal for a man to be emotional and express his feelings.

No need for mental support

There is a general belief among people that men do not need mental support. But as we all know, men are human beings and all of them need mental support.

Men are angrier

Anger is a part of human behaviour. It has nothing to do with gender. If a person is mentally disturbed and is not able to share his point or is tired, he/she can get angry irrespective of their gender.

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