World Day for International Justice 2022: History and Significance


WORLD DAY FOR INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE 2022: World Day for International Justice is observed on July 17 to commemorate the organisations that work for bringing justice to the victims of international criminal acts. It also commemorates the establishment of modern court systems in the world. The day focuses on the advocacy of fundamental human rights and the promotion of international criminal justice.

World Day for International Justice: History

On July 17, 1998, 120 countries came together to sign a treaty titled Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The establishment came to be known as the International Criminal Court (ICC), which came into force on July 1, 2002. To celebrate the signing of the Rome Statute, World Day for International Justice has been celebrated every year ever since.

Out of the total countries that were summoned regarding the treaty, 120 countries were in favour of the treaty whereas twenty-one of the total countries called were against it. The countries that were against the Rome Statute included China, Israel, the United States, and Iraq.

World Day for International Justice: Significance

World Day for International Justice aims at lauding the efforts of the ICC and unite everyone in promoting justice for the victims of international crimes. The ICC mainly focused on crimes against humanity (extermination, murder, etc.), genocide (deliberately harming one community), war crimes (willfully causing suffering, torture, etc.), and crimes of aggression (military occupation, annexation, etc.).

Not only this, but the day also aims to bring people’s attention towards critical and concerning issues that generally get swayed away by the information overflow. The World Day for International Justice also works for guiding and directing people, who are a potential threat to world peace, security, and well-being, to mend their ways for good.

The day is marked through various events held by multiple organisations. Many war crime victims are also remembered and tributes are paid to the victims on the World Day for International Justice.

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