World Cotton Day 2021: History and Significance


The globe marks World Cotton Day on October 7th every year since 2019. The purpose of the international day is to maximize the importance of cotton, which range from its attributes as a natural fibre to the benefits people gain from its production, transformation, commerce, and consumption.

World Cotton Day also strives to emphasise the problems that the world’s cotton economies experience, as cotton is important for the world’s least developed, emerging, and developed economies.


The inaugural World Cotton Day was held in Geneva in 2019. The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) established the day.

The Cotton-4 nations, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, and Mali, made an official proposal to the United Nations General Assembly on August 30, for the establishment of a World Cotton Day, which underlines the importance of cotton as a worldwide resource. The Bremen Cotton Exchange, as one of the world’s largest cotton organisations, also supported the idea of World Cotton Day.

Cotton is also one of India’s most important commercial crops, providing a living for around 6.00 million cotton farmers. Being the world’s second-largest cotton producer and largest consumer, India introduced its very first label and logo, “Kasturi Cotton.” on the occasion of the second World Cotton Day in 2020. The trademark will stand for brightness, whiteness, softness, shine, purity, and individuality.

India had also built the “Cott-Ally” smartphone application. Cotton Corporation of India developed the app to offer the most recent information on weather conditions, agricultural methods, and crop situations.

In the period between 2011 and 2018, India also ran a Cotton Technical Assistance Project (Cotton TAP-I) for 7 African nations, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Chad, as well as Uganda, Malawi, and Nigeria. The technical support aimed to improve the competitiveness of these nations’ cotton, cotton-based textiles and apparel industries through a series of interventions that yielded substantial results, prompting a request for a follow-up project.

World Cotton Day Theme

The theme for World Cotton Day 2021 is “There’s more to cotton than you think”. This year the event will be organised virtually. Speakers from different countries will take part in it to make people aware of the importance of cotton.

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