Why Some Babies Persistently Bite Nipples of Mother. Tips to Stop it


Breastfeeding can turn out to be a painful experience when babies bite nipples. Some babies never bite while many do it once or twice and others are more persistent. Mothers feel unbearable pain and their nipples often swell as well. Hence, it is important to understand why babies bite while breastfeeding and it can help you decide what to do to stop or avoid this from happening.

According to Medela.US, which shares breastfeeding news and tips, in a report said that sometimes when the baby is not able to draw the milk properly or is not in the right position during feeding, they start exerting pressure on the breast with their teeth.

Here are a few reasons why babies bite:

– When the baby’s teeth start making their way on gums, there is swelling and pain in the gums. In such a situation, they do breast-biting to get relief from this pain.

– When the baby is very hungry and does not get enough milk, the babies start biting nipples.

– If the mother does not look at the baby while feeding, the child may bite to attract the attention of his/her mother.

– Several studies also proved that many babies bite the nipples of their mother when they have an ear infection or a cold.

Tips to stop your baby biting during breastfeeding

— While feeding, the baby needs attention, so keep caressing and loving him/her.

— Feed the baby in the right and comfortable position.

— Make sure that child remain attentive for milk only during breastfeeding

— If your baby bites repeatedly, take him/her off the breast and offer something else to bite on

— When your baby bites, try to pull your baby closer. With this, your breast will cover his/her nose when he/she opens their mouth.

— Appreciate your babies if they breastfeed comfortably.

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