Why Don’t We Feel Pain When We Cut Our Hair Or Nails?


The human body is a complex system with each part and organ having its function. The blood flowing in our body oozes out whenever there is even a small injury involving skin damage. We feel unbearable pain as soon as we get hurt while walking. But when we cut our hair or nails, forget bleeding, there isn’t even any pain in the process. Have you wondered why?

If any body part gets scratched with a sharp object, we start bleeding immediately. We feel pain when we hit ourselves against the wall, table, chairs or bed. But there is a unique reason for our nails and hair to not hurt when we cut them. Both nails and hair strands are made of dead cells. Due to this, there is no possibility of damage to the cells, for they are already dead. Hence, when we cut these dead cells with scissors, there is neither pain nor any bleeding.

You must have noticed that sometimes when the nail cutter slips and cuts the nail too deep, you start feeling immense pain. But that’s not the case with hair. The reason behind this is that nails are made of skin. They contain keratin, a type of protein.

Keratin is responsible for the formation of cells in the nail tissues and other parts of the body. When we bite the nail outside the skin there is no pain. But cutting the nails attached to the skin causes pain. The reason behind this is that there are living cells in the nail adjacent to the skin. This causes pain when the nail attached to the skin gets damaged in any form.

Cutting our hair to any length doesn’t cause pain. Even if we use a trimmer to trim all our hair off, we don’t feel any pain. But we do feel severe pain when the hair is pulled. The reason for this is that when we cut the hair, we don’t touch or damage the living cells around the hair follicles. But when we pull the hair, our hair follicles attached to the skin on our head are also pulled and the living cells around the follicle cause us pain as the hair might be made up of dead cells but the skin is not.

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