Who Is Politician Kermit Jones From California? A Democratic Candidate

The voters from district 3 were waiting for this date to choose a leader between Dr. Kermit Jones and other candidates. And, as per the initial result, Kermit seems to fill the place.

The election is thought to be open for a Democrat to win even with the results of upcoming days for which Jones is elected.


The opponent of Kermit, Kevin Kiley, is a Trump supporter who is increasingly pandering to a vocal group of other Trump supporters. However, according to preliminary results, Kiley earned 33% votes, while Jones received 42% of the vote.

He is running for Congress to unseat Tom McClintock, and the Republican Rep. McClintock previously represented a substantial portion of the 3rd district, has decided to compete for the district 5, leaving this race without an incumbent.

Kermit Jone Wife and Family -He Is Running For Congress

Kermit Jones has a wife and two children with whom he lives in Northern California.

Kermit Jone's Family
Kermit Jone’s Family


He works as a primary care physician. The reason behind this U.S. Navy physician running for Congress is that Jones believes that numerous people struggle to afford health care and drugs.

He is aware of partisan politics that puts parties before families’ health and thus rejects programs that promote health. For Jones, it has never been about partisan politics, and he never asks if they’re Democrats or Republicans.

Having this undisputed vision, he wishes to make changes once he makes his position in politics.

Kermit Jone’s Early Life

Jones grew up on a family farm, thus relying on hard work from an early age. He, along with his brothers, used to bail hay and cut woods during the summers, but at the same time, their parents always encouraged them to read and learn about American history and the Civil Rights Movement.

His mother worked as a home health nurse for thirty years which set an example to him of selfless caring, and he chose to become a doctor.

He was a law and medical student at Duke University when the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001. The tragedy of 9/11 made him want to help his nation, so he joined the United States Navy as a flight surgeon.


Who Is Politician Kermit Jones From California? Democratic Candidate, Wife and Family
Kermit Jones


The Navy veteran served in Iraq with Marines, and after returning from Iraq, he was named a White House fellow by Barack Obama to work on health care and innovation.

Likewise, Jones worked as a regulatory and pattern attorney at a law company where he assured the safety and efficacy of newly prescribed drugs.


Kermit Jone’s Net Worth And Career Achievements

Kermit Jones must have a decent amount of net worth as of now.

Among his major career achievements, the first is Kermit Jones serving in U.S. Navy from 2005 to 2009. Now, as he advances to November general election in the third congressional district, he has plans to work for better health and insurance policies.