Who Is Brad Riddell UFC 276 Wife Marisa?

Brad Riddell’s girlfriend, Marisa, could soon be his wife. Marisa is a fashion star, fitness fanatic, and social media personality born in Los Angelos. She loves to live a minimalist lifestyle, modest living, and maximalist aesthetic. Brad Riddell and Marisa have a lot of things in common which might be the reason for the start of their relationship.



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Both of them have similar tastes in life. The couple is passionate about living life healthy and fit and enjoys traveling. In addition, they enjoy Muay Thai, a martial art and battle sport that incorporates stand-up striking and a variety of clinching methods.

According to the source, playerswiki, the couple met while Marisa was training in Muay Thai in 2016 and became exceedingly close after a few meetings in Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand.

The charming couple has been married for more than four years and has a young child. They seem content with one another, and they might decide to be married soon. The family man Brad is attentive, nurturing, loving, and respectful towards his partner Marisa. You can find Marisa on her Instagram account as @stilettoandsteel and Brad on his Instagram account as @bradquakeriddell.

Brad Riddell’s Networth

The tough man Brad’s estimated net worth is $250,000. The estimated net worth might vary because it is hard to predict Riddell’s spending habits. Top-level fighters also receive pay-per-view cuts, money from sponsorships, and other locker rooms the Ultimate Fighting Championship often pays, which are not reported to the public, so it is hard to calculate exact net worth.

Interestingly, Riddell earned $77,500 following a win over Jamie Mullarkey for his first UFC fight at UFC 243 on October 5, 2019. After being affiliated with UFC, he earned an impressive sum of money and will receive more brand deals from international companies. He had accumulated a sizable amount of money to live a lavish life.


UFC kickboxer Brad Riddell ( Source : Sportskeeda )


The Quake started his career when he was 17 in Muay Thai and kickboxing, then slowly made his way to MMA over the years. As of June 2022, Quake’s pro record is 10-2-0, with 5 of those wins coming by knockout, 0 by submission, and others by a decision. The mixed martial artist Quake has fought in over 12 professional MMA bouts.

Riddell is known as a Modern-Day Gladiator due to his dedication, work ethic, and mentality towards the fight game. The kickboxing champion trains at City Kickboxing and has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with. He has won the Wollongong Wars Welterweight Championship.