Who Is Andreas Egler Accused Of Kidnapping Daughter? Wikipedia Details

Presently, Andreas Egler’s name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia. 

The former soccer player Andreas is a private person with no information about his early childhood and education. He sort of gained popularity for being a soccer player.


Andreas Egler During His Time As The Coach Of TV Jahn Heisfeld


He used to play soccer in Germany’s domestic league for the team FC Magdeburg. The efficient footballer was enjoyable to watch during his playing days.

Besides playing as an athlete, Andreas is also linked as a coach in Germany. However, the former soccer star is accused of kidnapping a 10-year-old kid from Germany.

Andreas Egler Accused Of Kidnapping Daughter: Where Are The Two Missing Girls?

The former soccer player Andreas Egler kidnapped his ex-wife, 10-year-old daughter Clara and took her to the South American nation.

Clara Magdalena Egler, a 10-year-old girl from Germany, would have participated in sports at her school. Her mother has not seen her for six months and fully believes that she is in Paraguay.

However, there have been no details about the girl from that side of the country. Similarly, another girl, Lara Valentina Blank, could have been celebrating her 11th birthday in Germany.

Since the 27th of November, she has been missing and is most likely being hidden by her mother in some German Covid-denialist group in Paraguay. 


Andreas Egler New Partner Details

Andreas Egler is currently dating his new partner Anna according to Esajaelina.

The two couples are anti-vaccination and attempting to steer clear of the corona measures. The two work together to snatch kids from a prior relationship with stealth and take them back to Paraguay.


Andreas is believed to have sought refuge in Paraguay’s anti-vaccination movement with the missing kid and new partner. The felony actions are taken forward in different nations.

However, in a farewell letter, Andreas and his new partner mentioned that Germany is on the verge of collapsing. Paraguay government has issued a red alert notice for the arrest of the criminals.