What’s more important for weight loss – diet or exercise?


Optimal health is your complete physical, emotional and relational wellbeing and you need to eat in order to maintain the best bodyweight for your height and age and have a respectful and healthy relationship with food.

Sarah added: “Being healthy for me just means being free from disease, it’s not being ill.

“You can be fit and unhealthy, or there are aspects that can be unhealthy even if you’re fit.

“If I compare myself now to when I was an athlete, the way that we trained, the volume of work that we did and how hard we pushed ourselves wasn’t particularly healthy.

“Although I was supremely fit and strong, I think my immune system was always compromised and always battling being ill, fighting off cold, swollen glands and things like that.

Sarah added: “I like to be fit and strong and the benefits that come from that are a little bit different from just not being ill.

“Being active and taking steps is very important. Working out and making sure that you’re always moving plays a huge role in not stiffening up and making sure that your heart and lungs are healthy.

“Of course, this can all impact how much body fat you carry as well… but there’s a big difference between being healthy and fit.”



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