What Is The South Korean Mask ‘Kosk’? And Why Is The Internet Divided Over It?


A mask-manufacturing company based in South Korea has developed a unique mask that is gradually gaining attention on social media for its shape and use. We present to you ‘Kosk,’ a mask that one can wear while eating or drinking. Kosk makes it possible as the mask only covers the nose and leaves the mouth free for various applications.

The unusual mask was developed by a South Korean company called Atman. While initially, it is a regular mask covering the mouth and the nose, it can be folded into a ‘Kosk’ that only covers the nose and lets you drink or eat with ease. The word ‘Kosk’ is a combination of mask and the Korean word for nose, ‘Ko,’ reported The Washington Post.

Take a look at the mask here:

The mask is available on multiple online platforms and is tagged as a KF80 mask, where KF stands for ‘Korean Filter’ and the number accompanying the abbreviation denotes the efficiency of the mask to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns. So, according to that, a KF80 mask will be able to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns with 80 percent efficiency.

As soon as social media was graced with the image of unusual Kosk, netizens graced the social media with a mixed bag of reactions. While some were still digesting the design, development, and usage of these peculiar masks, some analysed and questioned the efficiency of the kosk, when it comes to protecting the wearers.

One user wrote, “This is some serious conscientiousness right here.”

Another user called the Kosk, the summer 2020 ‘The Mini’ version of a regular mask.

Many users were still trying to fathom the unusual concept.

Another user thinks that this mask might be a satirical and not a serious commodity.

Here are some other reactions.

What do you think of the Kosk?


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