Ashley Benefield Verdict and Trial

During the presidential campaign in 2016, Ashley and Doug first connected at a dinner party in Florida. Ashley was 24 and Doug was 54, but it didn’t seem to matter. According to Alice Robb, a contributing writer for the Vanity Fair magazine that he simply, instantly felt Ashley was the most gorgeous, the most amazing girl in the world.

In September 2020, Ashley Benefield said she shot her husband Doug Benefield in self-defense as she walked to her neighbor’s home.

Some have compared the former ballerina and bikini model to the cunning character in the theatrical release of “Black Swan.” Prior to getting married, Ashley and Doug Benefield had only been dating for 13 days.

He was a 54-year-old widower; she was 24. After four years, one of them was found dead, and the other was accused of second-degree murder. However, the verdict is yet to be made.

Ashley is out on bail and the crime show ’48 hours’ is featuring their story.

Where Is Ashley Benefield and Her Daughter Today?

Only Ashley is aware of all the details, but she has remained silent. Ashley was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder five weeks after the incident. She made a not guilty plea. After spending roughly two weeks in jail, she was freed on bail.



It is still uncertain if Ashley truly thought she was about to lose her life or whether she is a cunning “black swan” right out of a Hollywood production. It’s anticipated that her trial won’t start until 2023.

Their daughter Emerson was born less than a year after their wedding. Ashley didn’t tell Doug about their daughter’s birth in March 2018 and she left his name off the birth record. After a judge stepped in, it would take six months before he could visit her.

The couple managed to work out their issues and for a year, they appeared to be the main content. In the spring of 2020, Ashley proposed taking their daughter, who was 2 and a half years old at the time, and her mother, Alicia Byers, to Maryland. Doug concurred.

Even though in this case, Doug’s daughter is mentioned more times, there are few details on Emerson. She is likely to live with her mother in 2022.