What Happened To James On Little House On The Prairie?

People were concerned about James Cooper’s current situation after he was shot during a bank robbery in Little House on the Prairie.

The 12-year-old boy went to the bank to deposit some money, but an unexpected robbery occurred, and he was caught in the crossfire.

After being shot, the impact caused him to fall into a coma with few signs of recovery. Many viewers were convinced that the boy would die, and the title of the show, He Was Twelve, made things even more certain.

Based on James’s condition, the doctor predicted that he would die soon. Charles is shocked and finds it difficult to accept that his son will not recover and will die.

Charles and James leave Walnut Grove and head to the woods. In it, he constructs an altar. Charles begs God on the altar to perform miracles and save his son from death.

James Cooper Death and Health Condition

According to the doctor, James Cooper’s death was almost certain because his gun wound showed no signs of healing. The episode was emotional, and everyone expected him to die.

But a miracle occurred when the boy survived, and the episode ended on a positive note. The episode also served as the series finale for The Little House on the Prairie.

Many of the viewers adored this show. The show is back on COZI TV during the Christmas and holiday season, and you can binge-watch it beginning December 19.


James Cooper Actor Name: Who Plays His Character?

When Jason Bateman first appeared on the show as a child actor, he played the character James Cooper. Jaosn is a director and producer in addition to an actor. He has appeared in numerous films and is a well-known entertainer.

Aside from acting, he has worked as a director, with his debut in the 2013 black comedy Bad words.


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