What are the very basic things which you need to know about the concept of the number line?


The number line is known as a visual representation of the numbers on a straight line and this particular line can be perfectly used in terms of comparing the numbers which will be placed at equal intervals or on the infinite line that will be extending on both sides, horizontally and vertically. Hence, as the individuals will be moving towards the right side of the number line the numbers will be increasing and as the individuals will be moving towards the left side the numbers will be decreasing.

It is very much important for kids to be clear about the concept of implementation of the number line because it will make things very easy to be comparing and will further make sure that kids will be very much successful in terms of performing different kinds of arithmetic operations on the things without any kind of hassle. Numbers to the left of the zero are known as negative numbers and numbers to the right of 0 are known as positive numbers. So, having a basic conceptual idea about this particular concept is very much important for kids to solve different kinds of questions very successfully.

How can you easily draw a number line?

  • Drawing the horizontal line with arrows on both sides has to be carried out by people and one can also go with the option of drawing a vertical number line.
  • Choosing the scale has to be carried out depending on the given number for example if the individuals are required to plot five then they need to choose the scale of one and if they need to plot 50 then they need to choose the scale of five, 10, 25 and so on
  • After this people need to mark the points at equal intervals
  • Now, one will need to look at the given number and highlight that particular point with a particular circle so that there will be no chance of any kind of problematic scenario in the whole thing.

As discussed above there will be two types of different numbers that can be represented on the number line which will be the positive numbers and the negative numbers. So, the section of the number line to the left side of the zero will be done as a negative number line at the section on the right side of the zero that contains all positive numbers will be known as the positive number line. It can be perfectly extended to infinity from both the ends and some of the basic properties of the number lines have been explained as follows:

  • Numbers on the right side will be greater than numbers on the left
  • Numbers on the left side will be smaller than the numbers on the right
  • Zero is known as the point of origin of the middle point of the number line
  • Numbers are placed at equal intervals at all times

It is also important for kids to be clear about the implementation of the number line with decimals so that there is no chance of any kind of problem in the whole process and overall goals are very easily achieved. Identification of the whole part of the number or the given decimal has to be carried out by kids so that plotting of the numbers can be carried out very successfully and there will be no chance of any kind of problem. Hence, depending upon platforms like Cuemath is the best possible way of having a good command over the concept of number names and number lines very successfully to fulfil different kinds of purposes very easily.

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