What Are The Main Causes of Brain Stroke? Look For These Symptoms


Even though stroke may happen to anyone from any age group, the 30-50 year-olds are at a higher risk because of the changing lifestyle and stress. A brain attack happens when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or when a nerve or a blood vessel inside the brain bursts. In either of these situations, not enough oxygen reaches the brain. As a result, the brain can’t function properly resulting in a person’s death.

Type of stroke

Ischemic stroke:

This is a type of stroke wherein the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain become narrowed or blocked due to clotting. Blood clots are formed due to the accumulation of fat in the inner wall of the arteries of the brain. In this condition, there is not enough blood supply to the brain, due to which the functioning of the brain comes to a standstill.

Transient Ischemic Stroke:

A transient ischemic stroke also called a “mini-stroke”, is a condition in which the brain doesn’t have enough blood flow to it. Transient strokes usually happen without any warning symptoms and last less than 24 hours. Symptoms include weakness in hands and feet, problems in speech, facial droopiness and dizziness.

Hemorrhagic stroke:

Brain haemorrhage is a type of stroke. Brain haemorrhage is a serious medical condition in which the blood vessels of the brain burst. This situation is the main cause of severe paralysis.

How to recognize stroke symptoms?

Stroke patients who are treated within four hours of their attack have better chances of successful treatment. The most important way to do this is ‘BE FAST’, it can be understood in this way.

B- Balance – The person suffering from stroke loses balance in his body.

E- If the person faces blurry vision, there is a chance of stroke.

F-Face – In this, the person is not even able to smile or keep his face straight.

A-Arms- In stroke, arms become loose.

S-Speak – In a stroke, the victim faces slurred speech.

T-Time – In case of stroke, without wasting time, take the patient to the hospital immediately.

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