Watch Bella Poarch Share Her Favorite Wellness Essentials

All it took was one viral video to shoot Bella Poarch into stardom. The TikTok in question, which Poarch posted in August 2020, shows the 25-year-old lip syncing to Millie B’s “M to the B.” It was the most viewed TikTok of all time for more than a year, and while it’s no longer in the number one spot, it’s still in the top 10 (today the video has 59.5 million likes). That was more than enough to kickstart Poarch’s career: Now she has a record deal with Warner, and she released her first EP, Dolls, in August. 

Poarch was born and raised in the Philippines. At 13 she moved to the United States and at 17 she enlisted in the US Navy. She served for three years with posts in Japan and Hawaii. Today, her life looks a little different: Poarch just attended Milan Fashion Week and calls Grimes a close friend. She lives in Los Angeles, where she hopes to keep making music and eventually cross over into acting too, according to a Rolling Stone interview from earlier this year.

While Poarch has overcome a number of challenges, she maintains a positive outlook and strives to put her mental health first. Whether that means a multi-step makeup routine or getting out her anger by blasting some Metallica, you’ll often find her leaning into the forms of self-expression that make her feel good. 

“It’s important for mental health,” she tells SELF. “Especially if you don’t really talk to people, like me, and you tend to bottle your feelings.” In a new video for SELF, Poarch shares the wellness essentials that help keep her calm when stress and anxiety start to take over. Watch below, and keep scrolling to shop her picks. 


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