Want to Build a Healthy Relationship? Follow These Tips by Experts


Building a relationship is easy but maintaining it takes a lot of struggle. With time, relationships face ups and downs, conflicts and misunderstandings. However, surviving everything and keeping your relationship intact is a real art. Having a healthy and happy relationship gives you peace of mind, makes you feel loved and lets you concentrate on other work. You can always find a way to have a healthy and happy relationship. We have come up with a few tips from experts which will help you connect with your partner in a better way and rekindle the joy of love.

Take out time

No matter how busy you are, you must take out some time to spend with your partner. If you had a very busy week, then invest your weekend in going out with them and spending the whole day with them. It’ll make them feel valued and respected. Clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona was quoted as saying by OprahDaily, “Commit to investing an hour—on an ongoing basis—to work on strengthening your relationship, troubleshooting, and making it more satisfying.”

Do not give up when you feel the spark is gone

Love is always not butterflies in the stomach. In the early days or months, you might feel the chemical reaction and adrenaline rush when you meet the love of your life. However, with time, we get used to their presence, their habits and so on which might take away the hormonal rush. But that doesn’t mean love is over or the relationship has come to an end. At this time, you should work on it. Do something that will spark the relationship again.

Communicate your problems

Being candid and honest is the key to building a healthy relationship. Make sure you communicate your problems with your partner. Tell them what’s bothering you and ask them if they are facing any issues. Everyone needs support and someone to confide in, and your partner is the safest place.

Do not expect a single person to be everything

Family therapist and author of the book You Are Not Crazy: Letters from Your Therapist, David Klow brings out the issue of expecting your partner to play multiple roles at once. He said that people expect their partners to be best friends, confidant, co-parent and companion. If they are unable to fulfil all the roles, one feels disappointed leading to the breakdown of the relationship. He pointed out that one should expect them to meet some points but not all.

Talk about money

Managing finances is really important to have a cordial relationship. One must talk about spending money wisely with each other. Manhattan-based clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona points out, “A couple that communicates their financial goals, and is willing to work together to achieve them, will likely have a deeper bond.”

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