Want To Be a Better Listener? Here’s What You Need To Do


It is said that to be a good speaker, it is very important to be a good listener first. To be a good listener, it is necessary to be patient. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can up your game and become that one good listener for your family, friends, and with your colleagues at work.

Better Meeting Arrangement and Opportunities for Conversation: To have a meaningful discussion, enough opportunities must be available to talk to that person. This allows opening up to others. Along with this, the arrangement of the meeting should be such that it is comfortable for both the persons.

Speak less, listen more – To become a better listener, the most important thing is to speak less and give a chance to the other person to speak. It takes patience to keep listening to others continuously. Simultaneously, clear your mind and focus entirely on what another person is saying.

Give importance to silence too – During a conversation, silence sometimes makes you feel awkward. But remember, silence during a conversation sometimes becomes very deep and meaningful.

Ask good questions – If you ask good questions, it clearly shows that you are also a good listener and paying full attention to the person you are in conversation with. It also means that you understand the person you are speaking with.

Be careful when sharing personal experiences – It is sometimes helpful to share your personal experiences during difficult discussions. Sharing experiences builds a strong relationship. However, it is equally important not to offer solutions straightaway.

Don’t be under pressure to say the right thing – to be a good listener, we must be there mentally during the conversation. Listen carefully to the speaker and give honest participation in the conversation. Do not take the pressure that if you get a chance to speak only once, you have to speak right, meaningful, and perfect things.

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