Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms – the three unusual signs you need more B12 in your diet


Pain in the mouth or tongue

Inflammation, mouth sores and redness can all occur for a number of reasons, and a B12 deficiency is just one of them.

When a B12 deficiency becomes severe, it can lead to anaemia – a condition whereby the body is too low on red blood cells to be able carry enough oxygen to the body’s tissues.

The NHS recognises mouth ulcers and a sore, red tongue as two key symptoms of anaemia, but they can also occur before a person becomes anaemic.

Known as glossitis, inflammation of the tongue will often cause it to:

  • Swell in size
  • Change in colour
  • Develop a different appearance on the surface

The small bumps on your tongue known as papillae can also begin to disappear over time when your tongue muscle is damaged, as a result of a B12 deficiency.



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