Vegan Brownie Mixes Registered Dietitians Love


What’s in it: Gluten-free flour blend, organic cane sugar, chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate, Dutch cocoa, fructose, oat fiber, caramelized sugar, oat milk powder, sea salt, dry vanilla, baking soda

What you need to add: Neutral cooking oil and water

What RDs think: Partake Foods’s specialty is creating products completely free of the most common allergens, so this brownie mix is great for a wide variety of eaters even on top of being vegan. It’s something Amy Gorin, RD, a plant-based dietitian, says she appreciates about it.

Registered dietitian Christine Byrne, RD, says she bets it tastes really great too. “The mix of different sugars—cane sugar, light brown sugar, and molasses—likely gives this mix a strong depth of flavor,” she says. On the nutritional front, Gorin says it’s a bit lower in protein than some of the others you’ll see on this list (not a negative, just a note when comparing it to the others rounded up here).



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