Use These Clever Tips to Make Kitchen Look Bigger and More Spacious


Everyone designs their homes in a way that makes them feel good and relaxing. When we talk about designing, the foremost thing is using the space wisely. Some people have smaller homes but it looks extremely spacious just because of space management whereas sometimes bigger houses look cluttered. One such part of the house where we need a lot of thinking and smartness to maintain the space is the kitchen. Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen either cooking for ourselves or in search of snacks. In this case, if your kitchen is congested, then it might make you feel uneasy and lost. We are here to help you by sharing some tips to make your kitchen look spacious and clean.

We often build a lot of cabinets in our kitchen for storage. It consumes a lot of space which makes our kitchen looks small. One of the wisest ways to have storage which also makes our kitchen look bigger is using open storage cabins. Do not use side parting and doors for the shelves. This gives you enough open space which removes the clutter.

  • Minimal appliances on shelves

People may have a habit of keeping all the appliances on kitchen shelves like a mixer, juicer, blender, microwave, chopper and so on which takes up most of the shelf space. They might do it to keep things handy but it is creating chaos. To have more working space, keep the minimum possible appliances on the kitchen top. Store them in bottom cabinets which will be handy and will keep them away from damage too.

  • Wall-mounted storage space

If we need to use the space wisely to keep the shelf clean, we should think of opting for wall-mounted storage. We can build a space at an achievable height to keep the microwave. It won’t only allow you to access the important appliance well but also gives you bottom shelf space to keep things.

If your kitchen is small, then you must go for light colours. If you want to have a bright-looking kitchen, you can go for yellow or green but in lighter shades. It’ll give it a spacious feel.

Do not give walls or doors around your kitchen. Keep it just two-walled from sides with no door. Having an open kitchen gives you more space to walk and breathe. To let the sunshine come in, build a window on one wall which expands to the outer side.

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