Urban Decay Backtalk, Naked, Liar Vice Hydrating Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches


Formula Overview

$19.00/0.11 oz. – $172.73 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to be “super-pigmented,” “hydrating,” and “long-lasting.” There are three finishes: cream, matte, and shine, and the way they feel, apply, and wear does depend on the finish, so I’ve broken the overview down by finish.

The Matte finish is comparable to the original Comfort Matte finish in the Vice Lipstick formula. They have a creamy, smooth consistency that has more of a satin finish than a true matte finish. They will wear down to more of a semi-matte to matte finish as some of the shine gets worn down. They were typically opaque, fairly forgiving of imperfections on the lips, and wore between four and six hours. There were a couple shades, usually on the lighter end of the color spectrum, that were more prone to settling into my lip lines.

There were a few shades in the Matte finish that were true mattes and were more of a traditional matte, though still smooth and emollient enough to apply without tugging, but they were thinner and a touch “clingy” in comparison (just not to the point of emphasizing lip texture or being uncomfortable to wear).

The Cream finish is comparable to the original Cream finish in the Vice Lipstick formula. The texture was smooth, more like a gel-cream, as it was dense and lightly tacky, so it glided better once it warmed up against my lips. What I’ve always enjoyed–and enjoy about the reformulation–is the texture helps keep the color in place, make it appear smoother and sit better on my lips, while still giving lots of shine. These shades were semi-opaque to opaque in coverage and wear time around four to five hours.

The Shine finish is most comparable to the original Sheer finish in the Vice Lipstick formula, but to me, these were less comparable than the other two finishes. The Shine finish is a very smooth, gel-like balm that has a lot of glide, no tackiness, and is very glossy. They are almost easy to over-apply as they are so soft and creamy (also why they come in the slim tube to prevent the lipstick from breaking at the base). These shades were more semi-opaque to mostly opaque with some translucency. They lasted around two to four hours.

The majority of the shades were hydrating, though a few of the truer matte shades were more non-drying. There was no discernible scent or taste.

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