Type 2 diabetes: Honey is better for diabetic health than refined sugar


Diabetes is a condition that compromises the ability of your body to regulate blood sugar levels.

The prevalence of the condition has increased due to the growing consumption of processed foods and sugars in our diets.

Diabetes is linked to increased risk from heart disease, fatty liver disease, and a number of other metabolic conditions.

Honey has been identified by some studies as a natural source of sugars that can combat several of these metabolic conditions.

Honey should still be consumed in moderation in order to prevent it from doing harm.

Diets that are low in carbohydrates and sugars play an important role in managing diabetes and similar conditions.

Additionally honey can be adulterated, in which it is diluted with cheaper sugar syrups.

The health outcomes of this can depend on what type of sugar is added to the honey.

There are non-dietary factors that impact your likelihood of developing diabetes.

Diabetes UK notes that age, ethnicity and family history can all play a role in your chance of developing the condition.

People diagnosed with high blood pressure are also at greater risk.

Being overweight or obese is another factor impacted by lifestyle that increases diabetes risk.



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