Turn Your Loneliness Into ‘Me-Time’ With These Tips


Humans are social beings who thrive on social interactions. The Covid-19-induced pandemic had led to the practice of isolation, social distancing, and stress. The isolation impacted our social world and deprived us of a companion, leading to loneliness.

While many have adjusted to the new ‘normal’, there are many who find being alone difficult. Being alone is not always bad.

You can learn so much about yourself, discover your passion, and learn about your likes and dislikes as well. Here are some effective ways to feel less lonely –

1. Nurture your relationship with yourself
Some people might find being alone challenging. But, use this opportunity to your advantage and unravel new things about yourself. You can journal, or draw about your feelings, your insecurities, your goals, etc.

2. New learning opportunities
Your solitude-ness can be converted into an opportunity for you to learn and hone a new skill. You can create, read, and take up a course online.

3. Go on dates with yourself
Take yourself out for a movie or explore that cafe or restaurant you have been wanting to visit eagerly. Go on a long drive. You can also go on a hike and explore nature and do trekking.

4. Volunteer
As per a 2020 study in the United Kingdom, participants filled in a survey form every two years from 1996-2014, about their overall mental health and volunteering habits. It was found that those who volunteered at least once a month reported better mental health than those who volunteered infrequently or never.

5. Exercise
Walking, jogging, cycling, cardio exercises, and stretching exercises can help alleviate stress and also keep you healthy in the long run. As per a study published in 2018, researchers found that in comparison to those who were inactive, active people faced 43.2 % fewer days of poor mental health.

Over time, if your loneliness is elevating your stress or anxiety levels, seek professional help.

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