Traditional talking points have become strategic imperatives


The role of a CEO has fundamentally changed, leaders said. COVID-19 has ushered in a new era that will require a different skill set and approach. Here are five areas of expertise needed as the role evolves.

Supply chain management
“The days of cheap PPE and commodities are over. We can always work on cost and savings, but there has been a restructuring. The whole idea of prioritization of value for healthcare systems and suppliers is important because we are spending a lot of money on things that don’t necessarily involve care at the bedside.”
Daniel DeLay, senior vice president of supply and services resource management, CommonSpirit Health

Flexing up and down
“Shutting down a $12 billion business for three months and trying to reopen it wasn’t fun. With COVID-19, we need to have a product-line mentality and flex up and down with what is going on in our community.”
Terry Shaw, CEO, AdventHealth

Economic stabilization 
“It’s amazing (how) you take for granted that the economics (can) change quickly in your backyard.”
Terry Shaw, CEO, AdventHealth

Dealing with expanded social determinants of health
“We often talk about preexisting medical conditions that can put individuals at risk, but the root causes are really preexisting social conditions that conspire to reduce resilience, opportunity and health.”
Dr. Jerome Adams, U.S. surgeon general

Overcoming institutional racism
“Some of our policies are well-meaning, but our appearance policy—what does professional hair mean, what do those things mean and are they reinforcing structural racism?” 
Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, chief diversity officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

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