Tips to Help Your Kid Improve in Subjects They Are Weak in


Every child has a strong subject and a weak one. No student performs uniformly in all subjects throughout their school life. However, tackling the problem innovatively can lead to your child improving immensely in such situations. Scolding and discouraging your children will only work against them. Identifying the root cause of their weaknesses and helping them is the most crucial step in the process of improvement.

Some children like science and mathematics more, while others like humanities. This makes it impossible to study all the subjects with the same concentration and interest. This leads to their ability to grasp the subject they are disinterested in decreasing over time. It can be a challenging task for parents to improve their child’s results in weak subjects. Here are some interesting tips to help you help them:

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The subject of history talks about the important events of the past. The events may be of the country your child resides in or of the world. The only way to make history subjects interesting for you is by converting events into stories. If you tell your child the events in the form of stories, it improves their concentration while studying the subject.


Science asks for reasoning and effects. It is important to explain to your child the practical application of what they are studying. This can be done by trying to explain the facts when they are doing something. For example, if your child is having food, explain to them how their digestive system works and processes food. This will help them understand the subject with a practical approach.


When it comes to Geography, explaining to your child the elements using a map can be beneficial. Trying to teach them just through texts in a book might not improve their ability to understand the subject better. Using the trick will also help them remember geographical elements long after they’ve read the subject.


For languages, it is important to tell the kids what a particular word means or how it should be used. Use the words in everyday life to intrigue them and then when they ask for the meaning, tell them so that they remember the word henceforth.


To strengthen your child’s mathematics, it is important to make them remember the formulas and their results. Practice and revision are two of the best ways to improve a child in mathematics. Therefore, make sure you ask them the formulas at regular intervals along with taking quick tests to learn about the child’s progress in mathematics.

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