Tips for Better Posture When You Don’t Have A Desk At Home


Working from home has become the new norm. Many of us thought what could be better than working from the comfort of our homes but now that we all are doing that, we can’t wait to get back to our office chair and table. One of the main reasons is several among us don’t have a designated workstation which has ruined our posture. Sitting for a prolonged period or in the wrong postures while working on the workstation/laptop can cause muscle pains in the neck, shoulders and the back. All of this leads to physical discomfort, unrest and affects your body and the way that it functions. However, there is good news as there are several easy adjustments you can make to avoid or decrease these mechanical stresses on your body.

Here are some important tips for keeping proper posture and preventing injury and strain, even when you don’t have a desk:

• Avoid sitting on the chair, laying on the couch or your bed with the laptop for prolonged periods.

• Get up and move around often, even if you are comfortable, you should never sit in one position for more than an hour. Just a brisk walk around the house is recommended every 30 to 40 minutes.

• Keep things like your phone, notepad, pens etc., within arm’s reach so that you can grab them without any strain.

• Most people tilt their heads forward toward their device when working on a laptop or mobile devices. Look down with your eyes, not your neck to avoid a wasted movement and periodically keep moving your head in up/down and neck stretches if possible.

• Stay hydrated whether you are working or not. This simple step also encourages you to get up frequently, whether you are refilling your drink or going to the washroom.

• Take breaks to stretch, as it helps you to loosen any muscles that may be getting tensed. It not only helps in resetting your posture but also avoid eye fatigue caused by constantly staring into the screen.

• Use a phone headset or a hands-free device for long phone calls to avoid straining your neck. If you don’t have one use the phone’s speaker function if you’re working in a quiet space. Even if you have to hold the phone to your ear, hold it with your non-dominant hand, while working with the other. You should always avoid using your shoulder to hold the phone against your ear.

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