This Monsoon, Stay Healthy and Fit With Important Tips By Health Expert


Last Updated: August 06, 2022, 16:56 IST

Kamini also suggests that one must eat those fruits that can be peeled and consumed.

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Monsoons bring a sigh of relief to many of us after the sweltering heat of the summer. However, this season also carries with it a host of diseases and thus one needs to put in extra effort to stay healthy. Lifestyle improvements are necessary if you don’t want to fall sick. While storing leftover food and eating it a few hours later doesn’t have any repercussions usually, the rainy season may add risks that must be tackled with extra caution. Experts suggest that during the rainy season, it is not advisable to store food for a long time and have it later. Not following this can worsen your health and cause gut problems.

Former dietician of Medanta, Dr Kamini Sinha revealed that one should avoid eating food kept aside for more than 3 hours. Some foods spoil quickly during monsoons and having them can cause painful infections and other diseases. Fresh home-cooked food is the best option to stay healthy this season. It is important for people to clean their fruits and veggies properly before cooking to make sure that all the harmful elements are washed away. Hygiene is of utmost importance in the rainy season. The best way to clean the vegetables and de-infect them is by adding a small amount of salt to hot water and soaking the vegetables in it and then draining the water.

Kamini also suggests that one must eat those fruits that can be peeled and consumed. Fresh juices are always a better option than packaged fruit juices and street food is to be totally avoided as they are not very hygienic and healthy for us. The health expert added that our immune system weakens during monsoons and to keep it strong enough, adding lemon, ginger and garlic to our diet is very important.

Along with all of the above-mentioned precautions, a healthy and balanced diet always helps in improving our immunity. Staying hygienic is the key to not falling sick in the rainy season.

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