This Is Why You Should Change Your Kids’ Masks Before They Return To School


After almost two years of the new normal, when children were confined to their homes and caught up with online classes, schools all over the country are starting to re-open amidst the receding third wave of COVID-19. Delhi schools re-opened on Monday for students from nursery to class 8. However, things will obviously not be the same as before with a bunch of precautions needed to be followed at school, the primary one of which is, of course, wearing a mask all time.

Apart from making the children aware of social distancing norms, it is essential to upgrade their masks as well, as they would suddenly be exposed to germs and all sorts of pathogens and microbes. Experts believe that being in a sterile home environment for a long duration may have lowered the children’s natural immunity and made them more susceptible to other illnesses due to lack of exposure to pathogens/microbes. Getting back at school, which can act as a breeding place for germs, may pose a threat to the children.

Experts recommend N95 and FFP2 masks for kids because of their effectiveness against other viruses apart from COVID-19. When looking for a suitable N95 mask for your kid, keep the following factors in mind:

Filtration: N95 Masks instil confidence in mask wearers by providing excellent virus filtration (96 percent) and particle filtration efficiency.

Comfort: Because the N95 mask is breathable and pleasant, kids can breathe in and out easily while wearing it, which means that wearing it for the entire day is no longer a struggle.

Fit: Pick a mask that comes in multiple sizes, with an adjustable noseband and ear loops to ensure a snug fit.

Design: Opt for a fun design that is appealing to kids so they want to keep their masks on for a longer period of time.

Sustainability: As long as COVID-19 still lurks around the corners, you should get a reusable and washable N95 mask that will last you 1-2 months if used daily.

Certifications: A mask that hasn’t been thoroughly tested can’t be trusted. Before purchasing a mask, always check relevant test reports and certificates.

Surgical or cloth masks are not enough for your kids. The melt-blown polymer inside the 3-Ply & Surgical Mask (Non-Certified) is designed to operate as a filter, preventing microorganisms from entering or exiting the masks.

The edges of 3-ply and surgical masks, on the other hand, do not make a tight seal around your nose or mouth, allowing viruses and aerosol to enter your airway when you inhale. In a nutshell, these masks do not provide inhaled air filtering. The electrostatic charge on disposable masks dissipates within 8 hours, after which the masks lose their filtration efficacy. Only health and front-line personnel should use this mask.

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