Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A New Pair Of Shoes


“You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it,” said Taylor Momsen. And it is so true. A new pair of shoes must fit perfectly straightaway, or one should not buy them. Shoes are integral in making us look smarter and feel better. A good pair of shoes makes us ready to seize the day. Do not let shoe bites and blisters ruin your day and outfit. However, most of us just focus on the design and the style and forget that comfort, the right size, and material matters in the long run. Here is a list of things to keep in mind while buying that new pair of shoes that you have been eyeing for so long.


Usually, men are more likely to buy shoes which are slightly bigger in fit. “The shoes should correspond to the shape of your feet and not the other way around. So, a new pair of shoes should fit your foot entirely in terms of length and width. Generally, the toes need sufficient space as they move up to 0.5 cm due to the roll-through movement when one is walking,” says Arvind Bajaj, Founder, EZOK Shoes.

Whereas that is not the case for the heels, the heels must be securely braced. Having securely braced heels is one of the most important considerations to ensure a perfectly fitting shoe. “If a shoe fits, it does not matter if it is a size larger or wider than the previous pair. Many times, shoes made from different brands turn out differently sized, however, what matters most is how it feels on your own foot,” adds Bajaj.

When trying a new shoe, make sure to wear socks such that you would normally wear with your shoes. Socks can make a big difference. It is also important to pass the finger test, slide your index finger between your heel and heel of your shoes. Your finger should fit snugly, not too tight, and not too loose.

Make sure you try the shoes on both the feet as there is always a slight difference between left and right foot. “Another important point to note is that you must try your new pair in the evening. That is when your feet are at their biggest,” opines Bajaj. For those with bunions or have high sugar levels it is recommended to invest in a brannock device for more accurate measurements.

The materials used in the craftsmanship of a pair, plays a vital role in determining the comfort and overall life span of a shoe. “In India specially, we prefer shoes with a good cushioned padding inside for that extra comfort. The second thing to notice is the material composition of the upper and the sole, which will further give you an idea as to how long will the pair last,” says Ayush Dewan Khurana, Founder, Modello Domani.

There are many options available in the market now, ranging from real leather to synthetic leather to even fabrics being used for the construction of shoes.

Then comes the part of the purpose, as to for what purpose you need the pair? Is it for corporate wear or party wear or daily wear? “Keeping in mind these few factors can help you decide make the perfect purchase suiting your budget and need,” believes Khurana.

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