Things Mothers Should Keep in Mind Before and After Delivery


WORLD BREASTFEEDING DAY 2022: Breastfeeding is the purest way in which a mother nourishes her child. Soon after a baby is born, breastfeeding establishes an eternal bond between the mother and her newborn. Besides the warmth that breastfeeding offers to a baby, it also comes with a host of other benefits that are crucial for the development of the child.

Breastmilk is the most ideal food for the infants in the first months of their life. It contains antibodies that safeguard the baby against many common illnesses. In addition, breastmilk also provides the energy and nutrition that the baby requires in the initial period.

According to UNICEF, a baby should be breastfed within an hour of birth and this should continue for the first six months of the child’s life. However, there are certain things that a breastfeeding mother should keep in mind before and after the delivery of the child.

Before you deliver the baby

· Before giving birth, a mother must do her research on the benefits of breastfeeding and how it should be done. This will help her prepare to breastfeed the child in the first few days of her life.

· If you have queries about breastfeeding then do not hesitate to reach out to a lactation consultant and clear out all your doubt before the child is born.

· One must note that there is no need to prepare your breast for breastfeeding as your body does that for you. Due to the hormonal changes in the body, mothers are able to produce breast milk by the end of the second trimester.

After the childbirth

· Immediately after the child is born, the mother must place the baby skin-to-skin on her bare chest. This skin-to-skin contact helps in regulating the baby’s body temperature and exposes them to the beneficial bacteria on the mother’s skin.

· It is recommended that a baby should be breastfed as soon as possible after its birth. In the initial months, breastmilk should be preferred over other supplements and baby formulas.

· The first milk that a mother produces in the first few days after child birth is known as colostrum. It is a golden yellow fluid with a thick consistency. Colostrum is a concentred food and thus the baby would need just small amounts of it.

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