These Viral Videos During the Lockdown Made the Year 2020 More Fun than Ever


What started as a one-day Janta Curfew on March 22, 2020 somehow extended into a months-long lockdown in the country. The phase was incredibly difficult for many with social distancing, isolation from their former life and spending days locked up inside their homes.

Some people threw themselves into their new work-from-home routines, while others sought more creative outlets to release all the pent-up energy. But more and more people simply spent their time scrolling through social media. With so much free time, it was bound to happen. While some scrolled through these platforms, others focussed on creating hilarious or creative content.

Viral content not only helped people to be amused for a few minutes (or seconds) in their quarantined life, but also acted as a great way for some people to shoot up to the status of internet celebrity. While there were literally thousands of videos across the globe that were made viral by bored friends constantly sharing amusing content with one another, here are five of them that we thought were quite incredible.

Rasode Me Kaun Tha?

Couldn’t make a ‘what’s viral’ list without the autotuned sensation that took the country by storm. Sound engineer Yashraj Mukhate used his quarantine time quite productively by combing through archives of Gopi Vahu and Kokila Ben shenanigans on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. The result of his autotuned miracle? This phenomenal viral sensation that had everyone asking, “Akhir rasode me kaun tha?”

Dance in the hospital

There are actually many videos from this formerly non-existing genre. While those still safe were relaxing (or stressing out) in the comforts of their home, the infected population was experiencing a whole different kind of isolation. But who can make human spirit die? Not some virus or a lockdown. Here is one such video of COVID patients dancing in the hospital that went viral from Ballari hospital in Karnataka.

Harmony in quarantine

Some people in Italy decided to turn their balcony into a stage and the result was purely magical. Hundreds of residents in isolation took to their balconies to perform a popular Italian Ballad in the streets of Sienna, while people in Naples performed Abbracciame. A total of 3-4 such performances went viral. As a commenter wrote under this video, this pandemic has truly brought out the best and the worst in humanity.

Plants moving in a time-lapse

How can a video of a few plants rake in over 9 million views? Well, if you showed that plants, too, move like humans. Well, not exactly like humans. this time-lapse video revealed how certain plants stretch and bloom and wilt throughout the day and even celebrities like Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump were mesmerised.

Garage-classroom makeover

One of the things to change radically because of the lockdown was the education system. Online classes became the new norm but were they truly comparable to actual classes? Can one feel like being in a class while sleeping on a couch? A dad in the US turned his garage into a classroom for his young daughter and won many praises on the internet. He even put a cardboard cut-out of a woman to support the iPad so his daughter would still eb under the watchful eyes of a teacher.

Other viral videos include ‘Tiger taking royal bath,’ ‘Chota Rafi,’ ‘Students holding up Thank You notes for their teacher during online class,’ ‘Nigela Lawson pronuncing Microwave,’ among others.



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