These Tips And Tricks Can Help You Overcome Tailbone Pain


The tailbone is a tiny part of your lower spine that can give you problems irrespective of the fact that it is a significantly small bone. The coccyx is a small triangular bone at the bottom of the spinal column just above the buttocks. Pain in your coccyx or tailbone can create difficulties in everyday tasks and disrupt your daily life.

According to the Spine Institute of North America, tailbone pain, also known ascCoccydynia, is a condition that can be caused by physical trauma such as injury, childbirth, prolonged sitting or bone spur. The pain usually feels dull but can turn into a sharp one when you try to sit or rise from a seated position. The pain can also increase while standing for long periods.

Tailbone pain usually disappears on its own in a few weeks or months. When the discomfort becomes unbearable, finding a solution for the pain to ease faster is important. Thus, here are some home remedies to help you with the same:

1. Tailbone Pain exercises

Knee Hug, Thread The Needle and Kneeling Stretch are three exercises that can stretch your spinal cord and improve spinal mobility. To perform the Knee Hug, lie on your back and bend one knee towards your chest, hold it gently near your chest for 30 seconds and then repeat with another leg.

For Thread The Needle, lie on your back and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Gently raise your left ankle and take it across your right knee. Loop your hands around your right thigh and pull them towards your chest. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.


To perform the Kneeling Stretch, kneel on the floor and bring your right leg to the front with your foot flat on the floor in front of you. Keep your chest upright and place your hand on your hips. Then lean forward slightly and hold this pose for about 30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg.

2. Coccydynia Pillow

A specialised cushion with a notch cut out for your tailbone to rest is known as a coccydynia pillow. This pillow is a medicated one, which helps relieve the pain of coccydynia when used.

3. Hot or cold packs

Hot and cold packs are one of the most popular solutions for tailbone pain. The hot or cold therapy reduces inflammation in the tailbone area and speeds up the healing process. Use hot water or ice packs about 3-4 times a day. Each session should be 15-minutes long. You can also alternatively use a hot bath or heating pad.

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