These Five Things Kill the Sex Drive and Effect Relationship Among Partners


A relationship between a couple is based on emotional and physical relations. The smallest of problems may become an issue and even destroy the bond. Many times, we overlook small weaknesses in our bodies. We think that these things will not have any effect on our relationship. But that can have negative effects. Several things can ruin the romance and sexual relationship between a couple.

Hence it is important to know about these things. Here are five things that may harm sex drive:

As per the news of Web MD, if you have a rift with your partner, its effect on sex drive is obvious. If the two keep fighting and do not have a proper conversation, it results in a lack of trust, thereby harming sex life.

Alcohol is one of the biggest killers of sex drive. Alcohol addiction creates a problem for the partner. However, alcohol, in a very controlled amount, is considered good for sex drive.

If one doesn’t sleep properly, it affects their sex drive. Good sleep is important for good relations. When you sleep less, you always feel tired, which eventually creates problems in developing relationships.

Medicines, too, can be a hindrance in relations. If you are on regular medicines for depression, insomnia, blood pressure etc, it irritates the partner and weakens your sex drive.

Lack of testosterone hormone is also a reason for less sex drive between couples. When testosterone hormone is deficient in the body, the desire to have sex also reduces. If this is the case, contact your doctor.

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