These EyeBuyDirect Rainbow Glasses Are My Favorite Purchase of 2020


In my late teens, I hated that I needed to wear glasses. The idea of committing to in-public use horrified self-absorbed little me. They gave me headaches, slid off my face, steamed up, and felt like a physical wall between me and the world. I worried that I gave off intense nerd vibes. (I was a nerd, but try telling 16-year-old me that.) Plus, finding an attractive pair was a lost cause. My options were limited to the optometrist’s selection, with severe spectacles stuffed into glass display cases. Each pair was dark, boxy, and inevitably cost more than $200. I wanted to appear playful and pretty, not serious. I wondered: Where are the glasses that reflect the real me?

Fast forward to my 20s, when I moved to New York City. Around then, Warby Parker arrived, and at the time a pair of prescription frames for $99 seemed like a good deal. I was enamored with the variety of styles, colors, and the company’s approachable branding. It became my go-to for glasses, though I continued to mostly only wear them around the house. With age, however, I began to feel less resistant to putting on a pair. Dealing with daily disposable contacts that shriveled on my eyeballs in dry weather was a hassle. And at a previous job, I sat beside a coworker with a seemingly endless rotation of glasses—from floral to bedazzled—and envied her collection. She told me her secret was that she bought them in bulk during her trips to South Korea, where they were an incredibly low price. Guess I’ll have to go to Korea, I told myself glumly. But then a wonderful thing happened. Competitive companies offering frames for less than what I was used to paying started popping up. And that, my friends, is how I wound up with my favorite glasses of all time: these round Rainbow specs from EyeBuyDirect.

I first saw these frames in an ad, and it was love at first sight. I clicked and bought a pair within a matter of minutes. Amazingly, these EyeBuyDirect frames alone start at just $19. For an additional cost, you can choose the type of lenses you want, ranging from standard clear to U.V.-protective, anti-scratch to blue-light blocking. I chose the latter option, and all told my glasses cost only $38 at checkout. Nicely, if I’d had an FSA or HSA at the time of buying, I could’ve applied that as well. I didn’t need a doctor’s note to order, as had annoyingly been the case in the past. I simply entered my prescription, and that was that.

On the gloomiest of days (and there are many now), these glasses add a much-needed splash of color and cheer to my life. The bright, blended spectrum of the rainbow surrounds my eyes, adding personality to every outfit, even if I’m just wearing sweats. They’re conversation starters too, as I get so many compliments when I wear them. Above all, they make me happy—no small feat. If round isn’t your style, they’re available in square frames as well as sunglasses (which I’m eyeing). And if rainbow isn’t your style, EyeBuyDirect offers tons of other inexpensive frames in a wide range of colors and patterns. I couldn’t recommend these glasses more as a gift for yourself or a loved one. Don’t we all deserve a dash of joy?

EyeBuyDirect Round Rainbow Eyeglasses


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