These are Some Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make


All pet parents want to ensure good health and happiness for their pets. From feeding them nutritious food and taking care of hygiene, to spending quality time with them, there are a lot of responsibilities that have to be carried out diligently. Well, being a pet parent is not easy and it comes with its own set of responsibilities. A pet parent should also be well versed with the crucial things, like vaccination and exercises, to keep their pets healthy. Vet Surgeon from Pune’s Small Animal Clinic, in a chat with Hindustan Times, talks about some common mistakes that pet parents make, that can further impact the overall well-being of their pet dog.

Skipping vet’s appointment

To start off the list, the first and foremost mistake noticed is that many pet parents forget, or procrastinate to book vet’s appointment. Dogs can encounter health issues like diabetes, thyroid, cancer, and heart problems. So, be alert and report any abnormal changes occurring you witness in your pet’s body or behaviour. You also have to be alert about skin and hair problems too. Well, it is suggested that you should take your dog to the vet at regular intervals, this way it is easy to track down any illness at an early stage.


Your furry friend can suffer from many infectious diseases, leptospirosis, distemper, and parvovirus, and rabies, to name a few. Do not miss the vaccination at any cost, as it ensures that he or she stays healthy.


Get your pet screened at an early stage of 14-20 weeks for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. If it gets too late, the recovery process will be slow and painful for the pet.

Oral hygiene 

It is vital to take care of the pet’s teeth and gums, as their dental health should not be neglected. Brush your dog’s teeth properly and take them for a dental cleaning, regularly.


The nutritional needs of a dog are different as compared to humans, as they grow 75% at the age of 5 months. It is essential that they are given a balanced diet. The expert suggests not to overfeed the pet with calcium as it can aggravate hip dysplasia.

Exercise routine 

If your dog stays active – there is nothing more impressive than that. Take out time from your schedule to go on a walk with him/her, play with them in the house or in the park. No one wants a lazy pet, and it is the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure he is not.

Allow Pet To Socialise

Your pet has to be comfortable around other dogs and your visitors. In case your dog is aggressive around people or other dogs, report it to the vet. Behaviour modification helps to address these issues, and please note it is no sort of punishment.

As a pet owner, protect your dog and don’t leave it unattended. If he/she has any phobia, help him or her overcome it.

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