There’s More to Butterfly Pea Flowers Than Just Beauty; Know its Health Benefits


You must have seen the butterfly pea flowers that are commonly known as Aparajita flowers. These blue-coloured Aparajita flowers are one of the prettiest flowers out there. These flowers are found in two colours, blue and white.

These flowers are mostly used in Ayurveda to cure many diseases. The number of antioxidant elements is huge in the blue, one which relieves problems ranging from anxiety and stress to constipation.

Today we will let you know about the nutrients present in the Aparajita flower and its benefits on our health.

Nutrients present in it:

According to a report published in the U.S., there several types of antioxidants present in this flower. These include p-coumaric acid, delphinidin-3, kaempferol, 5-glucoside, etc. and they are important for a healthy body.

Its benefits:

Protects against chronic disease

It contains anti-inflammatory elements, which are responsible for the high amount of antioxidants. It can also help protect against many types of chronic diseases by reducing inflammation.

Acts as an immunity booster

Drinking tea made from its extract of Aparajita will help in relieving swelling and pain. It can also effectively reduce internal and external inflammation in the body. This is possible because it contains flavonoids, which strengthen the immune system.

Helps in weight loss

According to some studies, the consumption of its extracts slows down the formation of fat cells in the body. However, more research is yet to be done on how Aparajita flowers help in weight loss.

Maintains proper digestion

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the Aparajita flower aid digestion by relaxing the stomach muscles. Its anthelmintic properties aid in the prevention of worm growth in the intestines. It maintains the health of the intestines and strengthens the digestive system.

How to make Aparajita blue flower tea

If you wish to avoid these physical issues, you can drink tea brewed from the blue flower of Aparajita. One cup of water, three to four Aparajita flowers, and honey to taste are required to make this. Add washed flowers to the boiling water, cover it and set aside for 4-5 minutes. In a cup, sieve it and add honey. This blue tea is good for breakfast and after lunch.

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