Theme, History, Significance and Things You Must Have in First Aid Kit


Every year on the second Saturday of September, World First Aid Day is observed to promote awareness about how first aid can save several lives. It will occur on September 11 this year. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) believes that first aid should be available to everybody, especially the most vulnerable, and that it should be a component of a broader development strategy.

The day is also observed to promote first aid training for all people and to increase awareness about the necessity of first aid in the event of an accident. First aid training gives more than just the information and abilities needed to respond successfully; it also provides the confidence to act when necessary.

History and significance of World First Aid Day

In the year 2000, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) established World First Aid Day.  Henry Dunant, a young Geneva merchant, experienced horrific misery and agony during the battle of Solferino on June 24, 1859. He obtained the required equipment and supplies for them and assisted in the building of makeshift hospitals. In 1863, his book “A Memory of Solferino” prompted the formation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

On this day, more than 100 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies throughout the world hold activities and ceremonies to make people aware of the need for first aid.

Every year, millions of people are injured or killed as a result of inadequate and timely medical care. First aid effectively minimises fatalities, injuries, and impact during catastrophes and everyday situations. Its major objective is to save lives and prevent the disease from deteriorating.

Objective and theme

The first objective of World First Aid Day is to take the required steps to save the lives of injured or sick individuals. The second objective is to manage an injured person’s condition by administering first aid and attempting to avoid infection. And the third objective is to get the wounded individual to the hospital as soon as possible. While administering the first aid one must be cautious, and if unsure what to do, they must seek assistance from others and professionals.

As per IFRC, the theme for World First Aid Day 2021 is “First aid and road safety.”

Must have for the First aid kit

The following things should be included for a family of four in a first-aid kit. The kit can be modified as per the need and condition:

  • A first-aid manual
  • 2 compress dressings absorbent (5 x 9 inches)
  • 25 bandages with adhesive (assorted sizes)
  • 1 roll of adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch)
  • 5 packs of antibiotic ointment
  • 5 sachets of antiseptic wipes
  • 2 aspirin packets (81 mg each)
  • 1 blanket for emergencies
  • 1 obstacle to breathing (with one-way valve)
  • 1 cold compress (instant)
  • 2 pairs of latex-free gloves (size: large)
  • 2 packets hydrocortisone ointment
  • 1 gauze roll (roller) bandage, 3 in.
  • 1 bandage roller (4 inches wide)
  • 5 sterile gauze pads, 3 x 3 in.
  • 5 pairs of sterilised gauze pads (4 x 4 inches)
  • A non-mercury/non-glass thermometer
  • 2 bandages in the shape of a triangle
  • Tweezers

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