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Back pain, sore legs – coming off your flight feeling sore is an almost universal experience for those that have flown before.

While many people don’t mind flying, most agree that travelling in economy can be very uncomfortable, with most airlines offering little leg room and uncomfortable seats, even on long haul flights.

Common minor ailments are regularly reported by flyers, including back pain, stiff legs and sore necks.

Here are some tips for avoiding back pain while flying that can help you get to your destination pain-free.

Move and stretch before you fly

While its common to get up during a long haul flight and stretch your muscles, one expert recommends doing this immediately before you fly to get the best benefits.

Travel expert Samantha Brown told CNN that stretching at your gate just before your board can help you feel “invigorated” and “rested” before your flight, helping to stave off back pain while in the air.

Support your spine

It’s vital to make sure you are sitting correctly as much as possible, especially on a long haul flight where there’s little space to move around.

Ask a flight attendant for an additional pillow or blanket to place between your lower back or neck and the seat to ease off the pressure in this area.

If not available, fold a jacket or jumper and place it in an area that feels good on your back.

Avoid alcohol

While many avoid a tipple or two en route to their destination, alcohol can dehydrate you, leading to pain – and the effects are considerably more prominent while in the air.

Addiction specialist at private rehab clinic Delamere, Martin Preston, told “As well as feeling the effects of alcohol more quickly, drinking alcohol aboard an aircraft can also be dangerous because it can dehydrate you quicker, this is because in an aircraft the air can be extremely dry,” he said.

“When we become dehydrated and it’s coupled with the diuretic effect of alcohol, it can in some cases lead to dizziness, fainting or lethargy.”

Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated can help stave off dreaded cramps, as well as stopping you feeling tired and lethargic.

Consuming more water also means an increase in bathroom breaks, but that also means additional moving around, which is helpful in preventing pain.

Hydrating more than usual in the days leading up to your flight has also been recommended by some experts as it can help ease pain in your joints.



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