Taurus and Taurus a Good Match?


Are you someone who has at some point in time checked their zodiac compatibility with your crush? What if your crush and you share the same zodiac? You might wonder about the compatibility between the same zodiac signs. Are they really compatible? Is it a wrong choice?

But, Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan and his wife Natasha Dalal’s long term-relationship that bloomed into marriage is the reason why you should believe that the same signs can be compatible and even have a successful relationship.

These two cuties are one of the B-town couples, whose zodiac sign compatibility reflects in their real life as well. The Jugjugg Jeeyo actor and his girlfriend turned-wife are both Taurus. This adorable duo has set cute goals for everyone. From their stable relationship to marriage, their love spoke through their pictures. This bull-duet offered each other stability and dependency through their partner’s career and personal life.

Taking their zodiac sign as an example, here are a few reasons why a marriage of a Taurus with another Taurus may lead to a successful marriage –

Comfort and Patience
As two fixed signs, Taurean couples love hard work. They like to stick to a routine. The two bulls will find comfort in each other and will act like an old married couple. Along with stability, they both bring patience with them. Taureans are known to be the most patient among the zodiac signs.
Love Compatibility
This earthy duo offers a lot of respect and believes in proper communication. This makes their love and affection stronger for one another. This loving and caring attribute is the foundation of their love.

Sexual Compatibility
The bull is a lovey-dovey sign, and their sexual compatibility is likely to be high. They are all about intimacy and shower their partner with love and affection. Taureans understand the need in giving and receiving pleasure. As they believe in open communication, demanding what they exactly need in bed can lead to an exciting sexual life.

Taureans have a good sense of humor that has a major contribution to a relationship. A Taurean will understand another Taurean’s humor, wit, and sarcasm easily.


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