Take a Handful of Sprouted Methi to Stay Fit and Strong


You must be aware of methi seeds’ use in cooking. But are you aware of the fact that sprouted methi has multiple health benefits, too?

Well, let’s find out then.

Methi or fenugreek has some amazing medicinal properties. To draw even more advantages from these tiny, amber-coloured methi seeds, try having sprouted methi.

Just as sprouted grams, green moong dal are known to reap immense health benefits; sprouted methi intake gives you tonnes of medicinal value. Therefore, you must have sprouted fenugreek to derive maximum nutritional benefits.

Here’s a list of their therapeutic benefits:

Controls Diabetes:

Sprouted methi works wonders for your sugar level. It is known to cure chronic diabetes. Sprouted methi seeds enable slow release of glucose in the blood stream. So no sudden spike in blood sugar level occurs. You need to soak methi seeds in water overnight and repeat the process for 5 days to get the methi sprouts. Then have it raw with black pepper or salt or in salads.

Aids in weight loss and rich in antioxidants:

Due to process of germination, the nutritional value increases in methi sprouts. You can have it while on strict diet to keep your muscles, joint in good condition. Having sprouted methi ensures adequate supply of essential nutrients, vitamins to the body. Being loaded with galactomannan, sprouts keep you full and satiated for prolonged period. Also, these sprouts being rich in antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals and protect you from any damages.

Boosts immunity:

Sprouted methi contains photochemical such as phenols, flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins that ensure improved immune system. So, having sprouted methi facilitates antibacterial, anti-inflammatory condition in your body. Sprouted methi takes care of overall health in the process. You will get improved skin and hair condition as well due to its regular consumption.

Improves cardiac health:

An excellent source of potassium the methi sprouts monitor the sodium levels, balance the blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and effectively control the fat depositions in blood; thereby reducing risks of heart attack.

Improves metabolism:

The process of soaking makes the methi soft, supple. This is why it is easier, faster to digest. It improves beta cells generation in the pancreas. Acidity, flatulence, diarrhoea, indigestion are taken care of by the proper intake of a healthy dose of sprouted fenugreek.



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