Taiwanese firms develop gamified mobile health, fitness app


Taiwan-based companies First Life Insurance of First Financial Holding Co. and fintech-focused software provider TPIsoftware have collaborated to launch a new mobile health and fitness app that features gamified exercise.


According to a press release, the Qwalker app tracks a user’s all-day steps, walking miles, and burned calories. It gamifies a step tracker and enables users to earn reward points per completed daily task which can be redeemed for gifts and discounts.

The mobile app connects and syncs with Google Fit or Apple Health, providing users with access and insights into their health and well-being.

Additionally, it features the Australian quokka as a mascot “to convey happiness.”


The companies noted how the COVID-19 pandemic pushed people to exercise at home. “In response to the new norm, Qwalker is featured to be used indoors as well,” they said.

The companies added that the use of gamification not only serves as an incentive to motivate users to exercise more but also as a strategy to drive customer loyalty. They hope that the mobile app’s “interactive and dynamic user experience” will stimulate users’ involvement, while the rewards mechanism helps to “increase upselling and cross-selling”.


A recent study looked into the effectiveness of gamification in promoting physical activity and weight loss among adults with uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes. It showed that after a year the groups enrolled in a gamification programme increased their steps more than those in a control group.

The study also noted that gamification worked best in augmenting activity levels when designed using behavioural insights to encourage either competition or support from family and friends.

In other news, a similar health app was last introduced in 2019 by digital health engagement platform dacadoo and the Daman Health Insurance in the UAE. Their mobile app, Daman Tamshi, also counts a user’s steps and provides daily quests, experience points, challenges, team battles and other gamification tools to boost user engagement.


“We have our customers’ best interests at heart and that motivates us to build the Qwalker app. The collaboration with TPIsoftware will definitely enhance our interaction and connection with the insured and we will continue to launch more high-quality functions and exclusive activities in the future to encourage users to stay healthy and safe,” said First Life Insurance CEO Robin Lin.

“We are honoured to build the Qwalker in collaboration with First Life Insurance and raise people’s health awareness together. We look forward to providing more health management services with digital technology in the future and bringing users diverse and comprehensive customer experiences,” TPIsoftware CEO Ben Yao also stated.



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