Surgeon training company Osso VR closes $27M Series B


Osso VR, a San Francisco-based startup that developed a virtual reality tool to help surgeons plan for operations, landed $27 million in Series B funding.

GSR Ventures led the round with participation from Signalfire, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, OCA Ventures, Scrum Ventures, Leslie Ventures and Anorak Ventures.

This comes less than a year after the company closed its $14 million Series A round led by Kaiser Permanente. After today’s announcement, the company’s total funding comes in at roughly $43 million.  


The company has designed a number of virtual reality educational training tools to help surgeons plan for upcoming procedures.

The product also has an assessment tool and users are able to look at a digital dashboard and review their technical skills and proficiency data. Hospitals are able to work with the company to create custom content that applies specifically to their needs.

So far, the company boasts of operating in more than 20 countries and partnering with a number of hospital residency programs.

“The Osso platform’s level of immersion provides an experience that mirrors the operating room in a manner more efficient, more accessible, and more effective than any surgical training platform that’s come before,” Dr. Sunny Kumar, a partner at GSR Ventures, said in a statement.


The company said the new infusion of cash to expand its library and platform capabilities.

“Osso VR has been on an incredible journey. We have built a once-in-a-lifetime team, bringing together experts from healthcare, technology, movies and gaming to pursue our mission: improve patient outcomes, accelerate the adoption of more effective surgical technologies and democratize access to education,” Dr. Justin Barad, CEO and cofounder of Osso VR, said in a statement. 

“After proving the clinical effectiveness of the platform and its unique ability to scale up to the millions of providers around the world, we are ready to accelerate. With this latest round, we plan to exponentially expand our library and platform so that every patient in the world can have the peace of mind knowing they are getting access to the safest, highest-value procedures.”


Osso VR isn’t the only virtual reality training tool on the market. London-based FundamentalVR also uses the technology to help train surgeons. Another U.K. startup, Touch Surgery, has also hit the market with its apps and augmented reality technology that helps doctor’s practice operations.

Virtual reality has also been used in the medical field to treat pain, distribute mental health treatment and provide remote physical therapy.



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