Supplements: How to build muscle in 2022


The desire to become stronger is a popular one. The more a person can lift or move about, the more useful they can be in some situations. Building muscle, if that is a person’s desired goal, can also make them feel better about their appearance. Going to the gym and lifting weights can help with this.

However, it’s not just about what a person lifts, it’s about what they eat.

It’s no good trying to lift over 50kg without the fuel to try and achieve that.

This is why a number of supplement powders can be recommended in order to assist in this process.

One of these powders is the one most people have heard of, protein powder.

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The act of exercise breaks down muscle as it tears at the fibres.

In order to repair and build new muscle, the body needs protein that is absorbed quickly and that is high in an amino acids necessary for growth.

Another form of protein that can be used is known as dairy protein.

This made up of two types, whey and casein.


Another surprising vitamin that could be used to build muscle is vitamin D.

The same vitamin that people use to boost their immune system in the winter can also be used to enhance recovery.

If these supplements don’t suit, then there is alternative, simply sticking to a high-protein diet.

High protein foods include beef, lamb, pork chicken, fish, milk, yoghurt, and cheese.



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